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Flat Track, or Dirt Track, is the oldest form of motorcycle racing in the world. This type of event originated on dirt surfaces and later evolved to steeply banked board tracks, (made from lying two by fours on edge) some measuring more than a mile in distance. After numerous fatalities, the board tracks became a part of history and Flat Track once again moved to the dirt tracks, many of which are located at fairgrounds, local tracks, kart tracks or car tracks across our great country.

Unlike any other form of motorcycle racing Flat Track began here in the good old U.S.A. and is considered to be the grass roots of all motorcycle racing. Given this long history is it any wonder that some motorcyclists want to give Dirt Track racing a go? 

We at SEMDTRA want to help anyone young or old get started in Dirt Track racing


Help advance the interest of Flat Track racing including educating the public, increasing rider participation, advertising and marketing.